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Level 1
  • Untradable
Swine Powder Barrel
Level 1 Barrel for Spoon
Safely firing The Swine requires a custom mix of flammable powders, which Squee completely forgot to mention to the crew of the doomed galley who purchased the cannon.
Inscribed Swine Arsenal
Level 1 Remote Mines
Techies Demolitions built hundreds of custom-built explosives to use with The Swine, but Spleen thought they were so adorable he couldn't bear to part with them as they were loading the cannon onboard the galley.
Swine Helmet
Level 1 Helmet for Spleen
When constructing The Swine, Techies Demolitions also forged some stylish headgear for its crew.
Swine Visor
Level 1 Helmet for Squee
For some reason, the galley captain who commissioned The Swine didn't want the headgear that came with it. His loss.