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Genuine Spike of Frostbite
Level 1 Sword
Genuine Steamcape
Level 1 Cape
Gunslinger's Rifle
Level 1 Rifle
For the highland Keens, it is a matter of honor that each shootist construct his own weapon. Thus a good shot is the product of both a sharp eye, and a keen mind for gun design.
  • Untradable
  • Uncraftable
Bloodstone of the Precursor
Level 1 Relic of Prestige
For those who came before and sang the word, gathering friends as they began their crusade, the light of gratitude swirls within the stone.
  • Untradable
  • Uncraftable
Arms of the Silent Champion
Level 1 arms
  • Effect: 0
Arc of the Northern Wind
Level 1 Bow
The gift of a grateful spirit, this bow honors Lyralei's intervention in the rescue of a doomed forest to which she owed nothing.
  • Untradable
Name Tag
Level 1 Tool
Double or right-click this tool and use it on an item in your backpack to give the item a customized name.

Name Tags are consumable items, and may only be used once. A named item can be reverted to its original state by right-clicking the item in the backpack and pressing the 'Restore' option.
  • Untradable
Shoulderpads of the Falcon
Level 1 shoulders
Only a diving falcon can hope to avoid Windranger's arrows. But this one didn't.
  • Untradable
Blade of the Blood Stained Sands
Level 1 Offhand blade
To keep the sands well-named, this blade waits at the ready.
  • Untradable
Artificer's Chisel
Level 1 Tool
A magical chisel used to add sockets to items. This chisel creates general sockets.
  • Quantity: 5
  • Untradable
Inscribed Gem
Level 6 Inscribed Gem
Adding this gem to an item will enable that item to track stats.
  • Untradable