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Gauntlets of the Boreal Watch
Level 1 Gauntlets
A great archer once wore these magical gloves. It is said that the strange runes there inscribed greatly improve the wearer's accuracy in battle.
Jewel of the Forest Boots
Level 1 Boots
Their fleet-running beauty gleams and shimmers, deep in the forest shade.
Pincher Bow
Level 1 Bow
A heavy bow of Pincher Iron, mined by the Drow deep beneath the earth.
Sylvan Guard's Cape
Level 1 Cape
Stealth is of utmost importance to those who number themselves among the Sylvan Guard. Even Drow finds this an acceptable cape for moving unseen through the wooded ways.
Jewel of the Forest Pauldrons
Level 1 Shoulder Guards
Jewels for a jewel.