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Claddish Voyager's True North
Level 1 Sword
On his voyage, True North will show him the way.
The Commodore's Curtains
Level 1 Drape
Many a storm has sluiced down upon these broad shoulders, now protected from the stormy seas by this stylish all-weather gear.
Tricorne of the Drowned
Level 1 Hat
A well crafted tricorne edged in gold.
Admiral's Salty Shawl
Level 1 Cape
A cape made from the skin of a Cataract Demon, and dyed in the colors of the Claddish Navy, Kunkka wears it to fend off any wicked creature that dares lunge at him.
Ye Olde Pipe
Level 1 Pipe
An old pipe Kunkka plucked from a tidepool after being shipwrecked, the old seadog claims it brings him fortune and good luck, and thus never ever takes it from his scurvy-ridden mouth.
Claddish Voyager's Gloves
Level 1 Gloves
The quality of an admiral's gloves is directly related to how well they can grip a sword.