Project P
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Cursed Wolfhound Rifle
Level 1 Rifle
This intricately crafted lever-action rifle is inspired by the deadly precision of canine predators.
Cursed Dreaded Bravo's Guise
Level 1 Headdress
At night, the moon above Halgalreh's ruins casts an hallucinatory light that curdles the mind as surely as the blazing sun broils an uncovered skull throughout the day.
Cursed Dress of the Scorching Princess
Level 1 Dress
In commissioning this dress, the lord of Misrule discovered all too quickly how expensive fireproof cloth can be.
Cursed Red Mist Reaper's Mask
Level 1 Mask
Though the mask hid the face of the Reaper, in truth all knew the identity of the executioner.
Cursed Stature of the Woodland Outcast
Level 1 Horns
Ever in bloom are the horns of the wandering prophet.
Cursed Viridus Claw
Level 1 Bracers and Hand Armor
If you wish to grasp the finer points of Dhreg Cult dogma, you must wear the proper gear for rending the tracts into ribbons.