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Cape of Arcane Artistry
Level 1 Cape
An archmagister must be the greatest at all things magical: spell-casting, scroll-reading, and costume-wearing.
  • Untradable
Hood of Endless Intellect
Level 1 Hood
The Invoker has little need for this hood's magical intellect boosting enchantments. He is already far more intelligent than you could possibly ever comprehend.
  • Untradable
Bracers of Profound Perfection
Level 1 Bracer
While many wizards are jealous of the Invoker's unimaginable power, others are merely jealous of his peerless taste.
  • Untradable
Crest of the Magus Magnus
Level 1 Crest
A crest that crackles with the arcane might of Wex.
  • Untradable