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Flying Desolation
Level 1 Shuriken
Death flies when you're having fun.
Mask of Dark Ferocity
Level 1 Mask and Eye Patch
In the bounty hunting business, a little intimidation can go a long way.
  • Frostivus 2012
Master Assassin's Tails
Level 1 Robe
The trailing cloth obscures the assassin's form and, in a pinch, can be used to thwart enemy blades.
Qaldin Assassin's Slicer
Level 1 Mancatcher
Owning the weapon of a Qaldin Assassin is a mark of success that few hunters ever achieve.
The Second Disciple's Dagger
Level 1 Dagger
Stolen from the betrayer himself, Gondar used this weapon to slit the throat of the deceitful war general and seal the fate of the army founded on infidelity.
Armor of the Hunter
Level 1 armor
  • Untradable