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Jewel of the Forest Bow
Level 1 weapon
Jewels of the Forest are in fact a fossilized sap, a richly colored amber from woods that were ancient when the drow folk took up residence there.
Sentinel Hood
Level 1 head
Cloak of the Boreal Watch
Level 1 Cloak
Three layers of cloth and fur help to guard against the northern winds.
Jewel of the Forest Boots
Level 1 Boots
Their fleet-running beauty gleams and shimmers, deep in the forest shade.
Jewel of the Forest Gloves
Level 1 Gloves
We all know what Drow herself will never admit: She is the true Jewel of the Forest. And thus these gloves are perfectly fitting.
Quiver of the Shadowcat
Level 1 Quiver
Quiver and arrows made from the finest materials the forest offers and crafted together with the metals of the drow.