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Genuine Flowering Treant
Level 1 Nature's Call Treants
What appears to be a beautiful blossom is in fact the motile form of a cordyceps fungus which has infested the poor plant. It is still under the control of Nature's Prophet, but the ultimate outcome for the infected treant is far from pleasant.
  • Uncraftable
Cuffs of Oak and Yew
Level 1 Bracer
"Below me trees unnumber'd rise, beautiful in various dyes; the gloomy pine, the poplar blue, the yellow beech, the sable-yew, the slender fir, that taper grows, the sturdy oak with broad-spread boughs..."
Flower Staff of the Peace-Bringer
Level 1 Staff
A Candral-Flower plucked from the heart of the Endless Copse.
Horns of the Peace-Bringer
Level 1 Horns
Horns curved into a sigil of peace.
Lei of the Peace-Bringer
Level 1 Garland
Hung about the neck and worn during festive events, the garland is a universal symbol of friendship, peace, and good tidings.
Taunt: Victory Jig
Level 1 Taunt
Who knew he could dance?
Beard of the Peace-Bringer
Level 1 Beard
Light and fluffy.
Toga of the Peace-Bringer
Level 1 Toga
Quite relaxing.