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Inscribed Kindred of the Iron Dragon
Level 1 Elder Form Dragon
The blood of Slyrak flows strong through the Dragon Knight, and its transformative powers have long been a thing of legend. For a chosen few who have received dragon blood, the magic runs unusually thick, its effects magnified and distorted. In these rare recipients, the reach of the transformation is enhanced, drawing strength not from any single dragon but from the oldest ancestral strains, and a forgotten age when whole kingdoms shook with fear, and eyeless, armored dragons raged wars across the countryside.
  • The International 2014
Crimson Wyvern Bracers
Level 1 Bracers
Made from the interlocking scales that sit above the wyvern's spine, this crimson bracer is a perfect fit for knight's forearm.
Wyrm Skirt of Uldorak
Level 1 Mailed Skirt
Dowager Queen Tansis XII called upon a brave dragon slayer to ambush Uldorak upon her son's crowning day. Expecting no plots from the cowed people of Candoness, Uldorak was caught by surprise and slain.