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Bonehunter Slicer
Level 1 Blade
The Bonehunters adhere to the ways of a time before weapons could be forged from steel.
The Gallows Understudy Back
Level 1 back
Although he wears the garb of a benighted foreign land, Bloodseeker still relies on sacred lines of power to channel the blood he lets.
The Gallows Understudy Hood
Level 1 Hood
In the land where executions are accomplished by gallows, Strygwr shadows his face that the thirst of the Twins that burns in his eyes may go unremarked by suspicious passersby.
Bonehunter Belt
Level 1 belt
The crimson pattern which covers this garment must be regularly restored with fresh blood.
The Gallows Understudy Gauntlets
Level 1 Gauntlets
Hempen ropes are a crude tool for execution, but Bloodseeker seeks to understand the ways of the backwards lands through which his hunting takes him.
Necklace of Scarlet Raven
Level 1 Necklace
The sacred bird wheels above the altar of the Flayed Twins.
War Blade - Off-Hand
Level 1 Blade
An exceptionally sharp war-blade.