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Inscribed Mania's Mask
Level 1 Mask
To wander the woods knowing you are alone, an orphan of those who birthed you, rejected by those who raised you, hidden from those who might give warmth and comfort... this is a path to madness.
Taunt: Keep an Ear Out
Level 1 Taunt
Did your enemy make a sound?
Ice Burst Bow
Level 1 Bow
A wicked bow bristling with crystalline spikes.
Ice Burst Bracers
Level 1 Bracers
Despite their size, these sharp ice-like crystals weigh almost nothing and so do not hinder the Drow Ranger's use of the bow.
Ice Burst Cloak
Level 1 Cloak
A cloak of scintillating frost.
Ice Burst Greaves
Level 1 Greaves
Light plate greaves decorated with sharp crystal spikes. These are designed to provide protection without inhibiting movement.