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Cursed Claddish Voyager's True North
Level 1 Sword
On his voyage, True North will show him the way.
Button Down of the Voyager
Level 1 Jacket
A dozen brass buttons, and triple-stitched by a master sailmaker, it would take an unusually determined prospective mate to surmount this formidable fortress of...chastity?
Claddish Voyager's Gloves
Level 1 Gloves
The quality of an admiral's gloves is directly related to how well they can grip a sword.
The Commodore's Gaiters
Level 1 Boots
These hardy, salt-toughened boots provide firm footing whether striding a heaving deck, or a blood-soaked battlefield.
Tricorne of the Drowned
Level 1 Hat
A well crafted tricorne edged in gold.