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Ragestone Axe
Level 1 Axe
Veins of ragestone are well known to the keen and humans who have taken up masonry or mining. The material's strange magical influence has been known to drive men and beasts into bloody fits of madness and horrible acts of uncontrolled violence. Axe doesn't see what the problem is.
Red Mist Reaper's Mask
Level 1 Mask
Though the mask hid the face of the Reaper, in truth all knew the identity of the executioner.
Red Mist Reaper's Tattoos
Level 1 Tattoos
The position of Reaper carried responsiblity and conferred respect, expressed in these markings.
Red Mist Reaper's Belt
Level 1 belt
In the Red Mist Army, cowardice was not tolerated. Those who fled from battle were executed by the Reaper's scythe.
Red Mist Reaper's Shawl
Level 1 Shawl
The sigil of the Red Mist Reaper binds the shawl.