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Radiant Claive
Level 1 Sword
While known as much for its incredible sharpness, the unpredictable structure of Radiant Ore means that very few such blades survive their first encounter.
  • The International 2013
Cape of the Flameguard
Level 1 Sect Cape
The Flameguard wear capes as blue as the Holy Flame they are sworn to protect. On the back is their sigil: a circle representing the Inner Colannade with an inscribed triangle symbolizing the Flame itself.
Fluted Guard of the Swordmaster
Level 1 shoulder
The sheer size and weight of this piece were scoffed at until Sven used the shoulder spikes to impale an attacking ogre along the Feral Road.
Girth of the Swordmaster
Level 1 belt
Few would argue that keeping their thigh intact outweighs whatever discomfort this armor may cause.
Grip of the Swordmaster
Level 1 Gauntlet
Carefully constructed to guide a foe's blade away from the shoulder, or to catch it mid-swing. Many have fallen overlooking such a simple piece of armor.
Tayrnhelm of the Swordmaster
Level 1 Hat
The tall, serrated shafts along the side are said to improve hearing for the wearer.