Project P
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Inscribed Gwimyeon
Level 1 Mask
The fiercest face often wins the fiercest battles.
  • Untradable
Inscribed Merry Wanderer's Brush
Level 1 Tail
Beneath the magic moonless night sprout sights rare-seen by mortal man: the swaying sweep of faerie flight unfurls to gorgeous shimmering span. And from this beauteous wonder light of shifting hue there might be spied, yet those who seek such perilous views may oft then find their lives denied.
  • The International 2014
Inscribed Tail of the Eternal Nymph
Level 1 Fin
Inscribed The Lightning Orchid
Level 1 Hat
He who loudly speaks with silver tongue, in this helm wields silence golden. Malevolence blooms like an orchid in the mind behind the mask.
  • The International 2014
Inscribed 6506799238
Level 1
  • The International 2015
Inscribed Mistral Braid
Level 1 Headband
The wind that gently tousles her locks, gives unmatched flight to Windranger's arrows.
Inscribed Mecha Boots of Travel Mk III
Level 1 Boots
Why rely on uncertain sorcery when an unstable machine can be just as dangerous? Painstakingly reconstructed from half-remembered schematics, the transdimensional technologies built into these boots is theorized to have caused the Violet Plateau Incident. Of course, that couldn't possibly happen again. Er, could it?
  • The International 2014
Inscribed 6519786238
Level 1
  • Gift from: Wind
  • The International 2015
Inscribed Acidic Tail of the Hydra
Level 1 Tail
Includes three color styles.
  • Style: Hunter
Inscribed 6921942978
Level 1
Inscribed Style of the Occult Protector
Level 1 Hair Tie
A fashion for those who vow to protect the mysteries.
Inscribed 6082287069
Level 1
Inscribed 6751385841
Level 1
  • The International 2015
Inscribed Last Judgment
Level 1 Sword
When Doom passes Judgment, there is never any doubt as to its validity.
Inscribed Star of Silence
Level 1 Glaive
Forged of the ore at a dead star's heart, in a corner of the universe that has never known sound.
Inscribed End of Order
Level 1 Helm
Be grateful that you cannot gaze upon the seething chaos that churns beneath this helm.
Inscribed Spellbinder's Tattered Cloak
Level 1 Cloak
It is difficult in battle for even a great mage to entirely avoid treading on his cloak. Eventually it begins to show wear.
Inscribed Clarity Blade of the Deep
Level 1 Blade
  • Style: Battle
Inscribed Encore
Level 1 Slithereen Dagger
He only wanted to hear her song one more time. The dagger was gifted to him, and he keeps it with him to silence those who wish to silence her song.
Inscribed Top Hat of the Steam Chopper
Level 1 Hat
Inscribed 7918055500
Level 1
  • Gift from: Aphrodite
  • The International 2015
Inscribed 7874896660
Level 1
Inscribed Heirlooms of Aeol Drias
Level 1 Bundle
Contains all of the items in the 'Heirlooms of Aeol Drias' set for Silencer plus loading screen.
Inscribed The Mourning Mother
Level 1 Bundle
Contains all of the items in the 'Mourning Mother' set for Death Prophet plus loading screen.
Inscribed 8954359140
Level 1
Inscribed 8890561213
Level 1