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Auspicious Helmet of the Cryogenic Embrace
Level 1 helmet
As Ulfsaar lay ravaged by battle and cold, the shaman bound parts of his life force to the nearby icicles until he recovered. The warrior now proudly wears this fur armor embedded with shards of that spellbound ice as a reminder of his spirit's victory over death itself.
  • New Bloom 2014
Auspicious Announcer: Bastion
Level 1 Announcer
This item replaces the Default announcer with the euphemistic keen-eyed wisdom of Bastion's narrator, also known as Rucks.
  • New Bloom 2014
Auspicious Mega-Kills: Lina
Level 1 Announcer
This item replaces the Mega-Kills announcer with the fiery attitude of Lina.
  • New Bloom 2014