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Pack of the Blood Stained Sands
Level 1 Backpack
A necessity for traveling light across a hostile waste which offers nothing in the way of sustenance or shelter.
The Second Disciple's Bastion
Level 1 armor
Sometimes a bounty does not need to be collected immediately if the hunter believes there is more to gain on a job. Gondar enlists in the army of the infidel in order to obtain sturdy gear and learn the stolen secrets of Soruq that have been bestowed upon the undeserving army.
The Second Disciple's Blade
Level 1 Blade
This blade, fashioned of salvaged equipment from the battlefield, serves as a reminder to both Gondar and his enemies of what happens to those who betray sacred trusts.
The Second Disciple's Chakram
Level 1 New Item
Carried upon his back, this weapon serves as both defense and offense on the field of battle.
The Second Disciple's Dagger
Level 1 Dagger
Stolen from the betrayer himself, Gondar used this weapon to slit the throat of the deceitful war general and seal the fate of the army founded on infidelity.
The Second Disciple's Veil
Level 1 Mask
With the power imbued in the veil of the second disciple, Gondar learned a rare and useful technique passed down from his old master. With the sigil of the enchanted blade, the hunter can feel a great power that was nearly lost to the filthy traitor.