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The Gallows Understudy Blade
Level 1 weapon
It is sometimes necessary, in his travels, to forego his accustomed blades of volcanic glass and fall back on something fashioned by the local smith.
The Gallows Understudy Gauntlets
Level 1 Gauntlets
Hempen ropes are a crude tool for execution, but Bloodseeker seeks to understand the ways of the backwards lands through which his hunting takes him.
The Gallows Understudy Mantle
Level 1 Mantle
Such a style has never been seen near Xhacatocatl, but the Hound of the Flayed Twins must on occasion roam far from his accustomed lands.
The Gallows Understudy Skirt
Level 1 Skirt
Bloodseeker found many uses for the gallows rope he stole from a corpse's distended neck, in order to study this crude means of execution at his leisure.
Hood of the Scarlet Raven
Level 1 Hood
Fed on quivering heart-meat, the raven's inhuman eyes hum with scarlet hunger.
  • Untradable
Bonehunter Spineguard
Level 1 armor
The Bonehunters believe that if it is good enough to protect from within, then it must also be good enough to protect from without.
  • Untradable