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Cloud Forged Great Girdle
Level 1 belt
Strips of cloth gilded with mithril and fastened to a sturdy girdle. The trail of this belt is spoken of among foot soldiers who gaze to the sky above to see Dragonus fly through the clouds.
Cloud Forged Great Mantle
Level 1 armor
This mantle dons a masterful shape to deflect blades but its deeper enchantments protect from sorcery as well.
  • Untradable
Cloud Forged Great Staff
Level 1 Staff
A shard of cloud crystal inlaid with a strip of skywrath gold there is no finer conductor for sorcery than this great staff.
Cuffs of Divine Ascension
Level 1 Bracers
Cuffs like these require a mastery over the divine arcane arts to wield effectivly.
Rune Forged Wings
Level 1 Wings