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Arctic Hunter's Hood
Level 1 Hood
In the darkest nights of icy winter, the wolves of Icewrack howl their dirge.
  • Untradable
Arctic Hunter's Ice Axe
Level 1 Axe
To brave the peaks beyond Icewrack requires tools specific to the job.
  • Untradable
Arctic Hunter's Parka
Level 1 shoulder
There is no better guard against the arctic cold than the pelt of an Icewrack wolf.
  • Untradable
Arctic Hunter's Snack
Level 1 Basket
Never brave the white without a snack!
  • Untradable
Bobusang's Fist of the Predator Owl
Level 1 Fist
Bobusang's Tobacco Fix
Level 1 Tusks
This item comes with a custom particle effect on the pipe.