Project P
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Helmet of Omexe
Level 1 Helm
When is a helmet both weapon and armor? When it rests on the mighty head of Bradwarden. Also, when it has spikes.
Armor of the Warbringer
Level 1 Upper Armor
Spine of Omexe
Level 1 Barding
Forged from the melted shields of a dozen fallen gladiators, this armor has the centaur's back.
Bracers Omexe
Level 1 Bracers
The mighty centaur needs no shield when protected by these durable bracers of Omexe.
Inscribed Shattered Axe of the Vanquished
Level 1 weapon
Inscribed Gloried Horn of Druud
Level 1 Horn
Encorselled by Elder Greyhoofs at the Clanfounding, a single note from this horn can call forth the great hordes of Druud to do battle at the end of all times. Bradwarden the Warrunner and vanguard of the Druud clans protects the horn and will, at the appointed hour, summon his brothers and sisters to make a final apocalyptic war.