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Juju o' Wicked Badness
Level 1 Talisman
A carefully crafted soul-trap, adorned with the skull of a previous victim.
  • Uncraftable
Mask o' Wicked Badness
Level 1 Mask
A mask crafted from the polished bones of a cruel Prefecturan noble. The Witch Doctor wears this mask when he wants influential spirits to take notice of his work.
  • Uncraftable
Staff o' Wicked Badness
Level 1 Staff
The life essence of a sacrificial totem beast imbues this ritual staff.
  • Uncraftable
Belt o' Wicked Badness
Level 1 belt
The skulls of the Witch Doctor's tribal ancestors adorn this belt.
  • Uncraftable
Taunt: Celebration of Death
Level 1 Taunt
Draw the eye of the ancestors upon your victory!
  • Untradable