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Gloves of Retribution
Level 1 Bracers
Those who stand against the Skywrath can expect no mercy when Dragonus has them in his grip.
  • Untradable
Belt of Retribution
Level 1 belt
The Skywrath, on errands of justice, gird themselves in cloth made of fibers found in the upper branches of trees so tall, there is no atmosphere there.
  • Untradable
Staff of Retribution
Level 1 Staff
Skywrath Mage carries a special staff for every occasion. This one marks an occasion of retribution.
  • Untradable
Pauldrons of Retribution
Level 1 Pauldrons
With shoulders high, Dragonus gazes far across the world to search those who have incurred the anger of the Skywrath.
  • Untradable
Helm of Retribution
Level 1 Helm
The Skywrath Mage pierces his enemies with his gaze, shortly before he pierces them with his talons.
  • Untradable
Wings of Retribution
Level 1 Wings
From high above the Ghastly Eyrie, a flutter of feathers drifts when Dragonus carries his earthbound foe to the heights...and lets them fall.
  • Untradable