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Blindfold from the Gloom
Level 1 Headwrap
Few can predict the price to be paid for piercing the veil.
  • Untradable
Foreteller's Adorn
Level 1 Skirt
Cough drop of the Ghastly Matriarch
Level 1 Exorcism Bats
Includes an ability icon.
  • Gift from: codename_fluffy
Armor from the Gloom
Level 1 Breastplate
Within the haunted fields of the hereafter lie many useful arms for those with the ability to return to the living.
  • Untradable
Belts from the Gloom
Level 1 belt
In the dim nether are shreds and shards of material, spectral matter lost in the ether.
  • Untradable