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Genuine Fear Monger
Level 1 Hat - Steam Purchase
  • Style: Style 1
Genuine Arkham Cowl
Level 1 Hat - Steam Purchase
Genuine Dadliest Catch
Level 1 Hat - Steam Purchase
It's cephaloposh! It's cephalopractical! This state-of-the-art octopus disguise kit will have everyone thinking you squirt ink out of your orifices.
Genuine Firefly
Level 1 Hat - Steam Purchase
Genuine Crosslinker's Coil
Level 1 Hat - Steam Purchase
Did you know: before the mercenary fashion world discovered the obvious style and mental health benefits of wearing 22 feet of powered electrical cable around your head, people once wore hatbands made from 'silk' or other barely-lethal textiles! Strange but true.
  • Style: No Hat
Genuine Big Daddy
Level 1 Mask - Steam Purchase
Enjoy all of the benefits of being President (leading the free world, joining up with bank-robbing surf-gangs, steep discounts at fast food restaurants) with this tricky Presidential mask.
Genuine First American
Level 1 Mask - Steam Purchase
Statesman. Scientist. Inventor. Pretend to be all of these things and more with this Benjamin Franklin mask. So life-like, the real Franklin will think he invented another version of himself!
Genuine Mister Bubbles
Level 1 Pocket Buddy - Steam Purchase
Thwart pickpockets, pocket-squatters and cheaters who ignore the rules of the "What's in my Pocket?" game with the last word in iron-clad diminutive pocket defense. Also works with underwater pockets!