Project P
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Noise Maker - Winter Holiday
Level 5 Party Favor - Timed Drop
  • Unlimited use
  • Quantity: 25
Voodoo-Cursed Spy Soul
Level 1 Cursed Soul - Gifted
The Spy-cicle #66810
Level 1 Knife - Crafted
It's the perfect gift for the man who has everything: an icicle driven into their back. Even rich people can't buy that in stores.
  • Crafted by Epic. Reudric
  • Craft number: 66810
  • On Hit by Fire: Fireproof for 1 second and Afterburn immunity for 10 seconds
  • Backstab turns victim to ice
  • Melts in fire, regenerates in 15 seconds and by picking up ammo
The Diamondback
Level 5 Revolver - Purchased
  • Gives one guaranteed critical hit for each
    building destroyed with your sapper attached
    or backstab kill
  • -15% damage penalty
  • No random critical hits
  • Uncraftable
The Ambassador
Level 5 Revolver - Timed Drop
  • Crits on headshot
  • -15% damage penalty
  • 20% slower firing speed
  • No random critical hits
  • Style: TF_UnknownStyle
The Red-Tape Recorder
Level 97 Sapper - Timed Drop
  • Reverses enemy building construction
  • -100% sapper damage penalty
The Cloak and Dagger
Level 5 Invis Watch - Timed Drop
  • Cloak Type: Motion Sensitive.
    Alt-Fire: Turn invisible. Cannot attack while invisible. Bumping in to enemies will make you slightly visible to enemies.
    Cloak drain rate based on movement speed.
  • +100% cloak regen rate
  • No cloak meter from ammo boxes when invisible
  • -35% cloak meter from ammo boxes
The Dead Ringer
Level 5 Invis Watch - Traded
  • Cloak Type: Feign Death.
    Leave a fake corpse on taking damage
    and temporarily gain invisibility, speed and damage resistance.
  • +50% cloak regen rate
  • +40% cloak duration
  • -50% cloak meter when Feign Death is activated
  • No cloak meter from ammo boxes when invisible
  • -35% cloak meter from ammo boxes
The Reindoonicorn
Level 20 Balloon - Steam Purchase
Tenth Most Famous Reindeer? Not for long! Reindoonicorn may have hit rock bottom after being benched in favor of a mutant with a bioluminescent growth on his nose, but those decades spent bouncing from one halfway house to the next have given him all the grit and determination he needs to get back on top! That and the fact that he's recently been seen hanging around with nine heavily armed lunatics practically guarantees that this is one reindeer to watch out for.
  • On Equip: Visit Pyroland
  • Only visible in Pyroland
The Ninja Cowl
Level 1 Hat - Steam Purchase
If there's one thing that the ladies/men love, it's mystery. And what's more mysterious than covering your entire face with a Ninja Cowl? "Oh my, I can't see any of that man's face!" they'll exclaim. "He must have a terrible secret I will uncover with my love."
Magistrate's Mullet
Level 37 Hat - Gifted
They say justice is blind. What they don't tell you is that justice is also invisible, and also less interested in justice than murder.
  • Gift from: HellPotato