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Your Eternal Reward
Level 1 Knife - Timed Drop
  • Upon a successful backstab against a human target, you rapidly disguise as your victim
  • Silent Killer: No attack noise from backstabs
  • Wearer cannot disguise
The Southern Hospitality
Level 20 Wrench - Timed Drop
  • On Hit: Bleed for 5 seconds
  • No random critical hits
  • 20% fire damage vulnerability on wearer
Gloves of Running Urgently
Level 10 Boxing Gloves - Timed Drop
  • When weapon is active:
  • +30% faster move speed on wearer
  • -25% damage penalty
  • You are marked for death while active, and for short period after switching weapons
  • This weapon holsters 50% slower
Level 5 Badge - Timed Drop
Even though you were late to the party, you were still the life of it.
  • Hire Date: 2011-12-24 14:56:05
  • Untradable
The Frying Pan
Level 5 Frying Pan - Steam Purchase
The Solemn Vow
Level 10 Bust of Hippocrates - Timed Drop
'Do no harm.'
  • Allows you to see enemy health
  • 10% slower firing speed
The Market Gardener
Level 10 Shovel - Timed Drop
  • Deals crits while the wielder is rocket jumping
  • 20% slower firing speed
  • No random critical hits
The Black Box
Level 5 Rocket Launcher - Timed Drop
  • On Hit: Gain up to +20 health per attack
  • -25% clip size
  • Style: TF_UnknownStyle
The Proof of Purchase
Level 50 Hat - Steam Purchase
From another era.
  • Untradable
The Buff Banner
Level 5 Battle Banner - Timed Drop
Provides an offensive buff that causes
nearby team members to do mini-crits.
Rage increases through damage done.
The Force-A-Nature
Level 10 Scattergun - Timed Drop
This weapon reloads its entire clip at once
  • +50% faster firing speed
  • Knockback on the target and shooter
  • +20% bullets per shot
  • -10% damage penalty
  • -66% clip size
  • Style: TF_UnknownStyle
Antique Halloween Goodie Cauldron
Level 1 Package - Timed Drop
You can pry open the lid of this cauldron to see what strangeness lies within... from your backpack... IF YOU DARE.
  • Untradable
The Cozy Camper
Level 10 Backpack - Timed Drop
  • +4 health regenerated per second on wearer
  • No flinching when aiming and fully charged
  • Knockback reduced by 20% when aiming
Mann Co. Supply Crate
Level 10 Supply Crate - Timed Drop
You need a Mann Co. Supply Crate Key to open this.
You can pick one up at the Mann Co. Store.
  • Crate Series #47