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Vintage Sandman
Level 15 Bat - Timed Drop
  • Alt-Fire: Launches a ball that stuns opponents
  • -15 max health on wearer
  • Style: TF_UnknownStyle
Vintage Jarate
Level 5 Jar Based Karate - Timed Drop
  • Coated enemies take mini-crits
    Can be used to extinguish fires.
  • Extinguishing teammates reduces cooldown by -20%
Vintage Ambassador
Level 5 Revolver - Timed Drop
  • Crits on headshot
  • -15% damage penalty
  • 20% slower firing speed
  • No random critical hits
  • Style: TF_UnknownStyle
Vintage Southern Hospitality
Level 20 Wrench - Timed Drop
  • On Hit: Bleed for 5 seconds
  • No random critical hits
  • 20% fire damage vulnerability on wearer
Vintage Pyrovision Goggles
Level 23 Pyrovision Goggles - Timed Drop
Enter a world of imagination that's far superior to the crap-ass worlds of imagination you get from books. Pyrovision lets you see the TF2niverse from our favorite arsonist's perspective.
  • Witnessed the 2012 inferno
  • On Equip: Visit Pyroland