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Haunted Wings of Purity
Level 35 Strange Cosmetic Item - Gifted
  • Carnival Kills: 0
  • Carnival Underworld Kills: 0
  • Carnival Games Won: 0
  • Untradable
  • Uncraftable
Spellbook Magazine
Level 65 Spellbook - Timed Drop

A vintage edition of Casters Quarterly.
Found in the back of a closet, it contains just enough magic to get the job done.

Equip to enable picking up and casting spells.
  • This weapon deploys 50% faster
  • Style: TF_UnknownStyle
Taunt: The High Five!
Level 5 Special Taunt - Timed Drop
Don't leave your friends hanging.

This is a partner taunt. Press the action slot key to toggle.
Taunt: The Director's Vision
Level 5 Special Taunt - Achievement
Equip this item in a Taunt Slot. Activate to tell your victims you are making a Replay of their pathetic demise to share with everyone.
  • Untradable
The Amputator
Level 15 Bonesaw - Timed Drop
  • When weapon is active:
  • +3 health regenerated per second on wearer
  • Alt-Fire: Applies a healing effect to all nearby teammates
  • -20% damage penalty
The Ubersaw
Level 10 Bonesaw - Purchased
  • On Hit: 25% ÜberCharge added
  • 20% slower firing speed
  • Uncraftable
The Vita-Saw
Level 5 Bonesaw - Timed Drop
  • On death up to 20% of your stored
    ÜberCharge is retained
  • -10 max health on wearer
The Solemn Vow
Level 10 Bust of Hippocrates - Timed Drop
'Do no harm.'
  • Allows you to see enemy health
  • 10% slower firing speed
Crusader's Crossbow
Level 15 Crossbow - Timed Drop
Fires special bolts that heal teammates and deals damage
based on distance traveled
This weapon will reload automatically when not active
  • No headshots
  • -75% max primary ammo on wearer
The Kritzkrieg
Level 8 Medi Gun - Achievement
  • ÜberCharge grants 100% critical chance
  • +25% ÜberCharge rate
  • Untradable
The Vaccinator
Level 8 Vaccinator - Timed Drop
ÜberCharge provides a 2.5 second resistance bubble that blocks 75% base damage and 100% crit damage of the selected type to the Medic and Patient.
  • +67% ÜberCharge rate
  • Press your reload key to cycle through resist types.
    While healing, provides you and your target with a constant 10% resistance to the selected damage type.
  • -66% Overheal build rate.
  • -33% ÜberCharge rate on Overhealed patients
The Blutsauger
Level 5 Syringe Gun - Achievement
  • On Hit: Gain up to +3 health
  • -2 health drained per second on wearer
  • Style: TF_UnknownStyle
  • Untradable
The Overdose
Level 5 Syringe Gun Prototype - Timed Drop
While active, movement speed increases based on ÜberCharge percentage to a maximum of +20%
  • -15% damage penalty
The Ward #5285
Level 8 Apparel - Crafted
  • Crafted by I em a bendit
  • Craft number: 5285
The Herzensbrecher
Level 84 Cosmetic Item - Gifted
  • Untradable
  • Uncraftable
The Fashionable Megalomaniac
Level 6 Facial Hair - Found in Crate
The Mutton Mann
Level 12 Hair - Timed Drop
Enjoy the absolute cutting edge of nineteenth century sideburn fashion with these lustrous, face-hugging muttons. There's no meat in these chops, ladies—but there's plenty of beefcake.
The Crafty Hair #3850
Level 88 Hair - Crafted
If you're ever planning on fighting aliens, this is the hair to have. Aliens are afraid of angular, painstakingly coiffed hair, so the mere sight of you will send them running back to Mars. Or, alternatively, we're completely wrong and you're going to die. Either way, though, you're going to look stylin'.
  • Crafted by Ham and :Egger
  • Craft number: 3850
  • Style: Brown
Blighted Beak
Level 79 Hat - Crafted
  • Style: Yersinia Pestis
Level 79 Mascot - Purchased
Before Archimedes came into the Medic's care, he made his living through wedding dovery. A lucrative trade, but he always felt something was missing. He looks back on the day that the Medic stole that catering van during the prime minister's wedding as the best day of his life. He's been burrowing into the chests of unwitting patients ever since.