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Vintage Crusader's Crossbow
Level 15 Crossbow - Traded
Fires special bolts that heal teammates and deals damage
based on distance traveled
This weapon will reload automatically when not active
  • No headshots
  • -75% max primary ammo on wearer
Vintage Loch-n-Load
Level 10 Grenade Launcher - Crafted
  • +25% projectile speed
  • +20% damage vs buildings
  • -25% clip size
  • -25% explosion radius
  • Launched bombs shatter on surfaces
Vintage Conniver's Kunai
Level 1 Kunai - Crafted
Start off with low health
Kill somebody with this knife
Steal all of their health
  • On Backstab: Absorbs the health from your victim.
  • -55 max health on wearer
Vintage Buffalo Steak Sandvich
Level 1 Lunch Box - Crafted
While under the effects, move speed is increased,
attacks mini-crit, damage taken will be increased 25%,
and the player may only use melee weapons.
Alt-fire: Share with a friend (Medium Health Kit)

Who needs bread?
Hitler's Buzzard
Level 5 Pistol - Steam Purchase
The ultimate in semi-concealed weaponry.
There's no question you need this gun,
the only question is: where will you keep it?
Vintage Camera Beard
Level 64 Facial Hair - Timed Drop
You wouldn't mind if I read this top secret document with my beard, would you?
Vintage Tippler's Tricorne
Level 24 Hat - Traded
Three sharp corners mean one sharp hat.
Don't poke your eye out.
Painted with Mann Co. Orange
Vintage Safe'n'Sound
Level 95 Hat - Traded
It gets difficult trying to calculate the total external applied torque to a body's rotational motion through its moment of momentum vector while the distracting sounds of gunfire and death are all around you. Build a better, safer machine with the silence of the Safe'n'sound!
Vintage Prussian Pickelhaube
Limited Level 46 Hat - Timed Drop
A relic from one war brought into another.
Your enemy will get the point.
  • Limited quantity
Vintage Pyrovision Goggles
Level 90 Pyrovision Goggles - Timed Drop
Enter a world of imagination that's far superior to the crap-ass worlds of imagination you get from books. Pyrovision lets you see the TF2niverse from our favorite arsonist's perspective.
  • Witnessed the 2012 inferno
  • On Equip: Visit Pyroland