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Unusual Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker
Level 55 Axe - Crafted
Cursed by dark spirits similar to
those that dwell within the Eyelander.
  • This Weapon has a large melee range and
    deploys and holsters slower
  • Crafted by PRiNTDAMNiT!
  • No random critical hits
  • -25 max health on wearer
  • Style: TF_UnknownStyle
  • Untradable
Unusual One-Man Army
Level 10 Hat - Found in Crate
You send that many men against a bandanna like this, don't forget one thing: A good supply of body bags.
  • Effect: Orbiting Fire
  • Style: Style 1
Painted with Muskelmannbraun
Unusual Dread Knot
Level 31 Hat - Found in Crate
Crybabies cower
At the approach of fat man
With terrible hair
  • Effect: Blizzardy Storm
The Fancy Mechanic
Level 62 Hat - Found in Crate
Sometimes, you just need to be a bit fancy when working on cars.
  • Effect: Nuts n' Bolts
Painted with Australium Gold