Project P
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The Bat Outta Hell
Level 5 Skull Bat - Timed Drop
  • Style: Universal
The Boo Balloon
Level 20 Balloon - Halloween Drop
These cheery (but terrifying!) balloons are made from the actual inflated faces of ghosts. Order now, before those uppity ghost rights activists get wind of this and shut it down.
  • Style: Haunting
  • Uncraftable
The Conscientious Objector
Level 25 Sign - Timed Drop
We gave peace a chance. It didn't work.

Custom decals can be applied to this item.
Grizzled Veteran
Level 15 Badge - Timed Drop
Display this on your chest proudly, soldier. Each time you kill someone, they'll know they weren't the first.
  • Hire Date: 2007-10-24 11:24:48
  • Untradable
The Fists of Steel
Level 10 Boxing Gloves - Timed Drop
  • -40% damage from ranged sources while active
  • +100% damage from melee sources while active
  • This weapon holsters 100% slower
The Brass Beast
Level 5 Minigun - Timed Drop
  • +20% damage bonus
  • -20% damage resistance when below 50% health and spun up
  • 50% slower spin up time
  • -60% slower move speed while deployed
Officer's Ushanka
Level 57 Hat - Traded
This hat was made of bear hands.
That bear was killed with bare hands.
Painted with A Deep Commitment to Purple
The Family Business
Level 10 Shotgun - Store Promotion
  • +33% clip size
  • +15% faster firing speed
  • -15% damage penalty
  • Uncraftable
The Spooky Sleeves
Level 32 Apparel - Halloween Drop
Get these now, before Glenn Danzig finds out about them and buys them all! Seriously, you can have a world where these spooky sleeves are in stock, or a world where Glenn Danzig exists, but not both! Hurry! He's googling "spooky sleeves" RIGHT NOW!
  • Uncraftable
The Frying Pan
Level 5 Frying Pan - Purchased
The Frying Pan
Level 5 Frying Pan - Steam Purchase
Power Up Canteen
Level 80 Usable Item - Achievement
Applies a bonus effect for a limited amount of time when used. Must first be filled at an Upgrade Station and can only be filled with one bonus type at a time.
  • Holds a maximum of 3 charges
  • Currently holds 0 charges
  • Each charge lasts 5 seconds
  • Untradable
Level 1 Shotgun - Timed Drop
this is a regular shotgun
Vintage Sandvich
Level 1 Lunch Box - Traded
Eat to regain up to 300 health.
Alt-fire: Share a Sandvich with a friend (Medium Health Kit)