Project P
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Unusual Haunted Metal Scrap
Level 4 Craft Item - Achievement
This is metal scrap taken from the Horseless Headless Horsemann. It whispers faintly...'heads'...
  • Untradable
Unusual Brainiac Hairpiece
Level 54 Facial Hair - Found in Crate
Being a maths-enhancing hairpiece that endeavors to heighten the senses of any soul, be he a gentle-man of leisure deserving of such a thing, or a loathsome tiller of the earth of whom a beating would not go unwarranted.
  • Effect: Kill-a-Watt
  • Style: Without Helmet
Unusual Armored Authority
Level 90 Hat - Found in Crate
  • Effect: Steaming
Unusual Big Country
Level 49 Hat - Found in Crate
It'd be a damn shame to hide hair this handsome.
  • Effect: Steaming
  • Style: Brooks
Painted with An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge
Unusual Otolaryngologist's Mirror
Level 36 Hat - Found in Crate
We can't pronounce it either.
  • Effect: Steaming
Unusual Brigade Helm
Level 73 Hat - Found in Crate
  • Effect: Steaming
Painted with A Distinctive Lack of Hue
Unusual Reggaelator
Level 19 Hat - Found in Crate
Every little thing is gonna be alright.
  • Effect: Steaming
  • Style: Bones
Painted with After Eight
Unusual Deep Cover Operator
Level 29 Legendary Hat - Found in Crate
  • Effect: Terror-Watt
  • Points Scored: 6624
  • Kills: 3144
  • Fires Survived: 781
  • Freezecam Taunt Appearances: 155
Painted with Balaclavas Are Forever
Unusual Backwards Ballcap
Level 10 Hat - Found in Crate
Stick it to Major League Baseball by not wearing their hat the right way.
  • Effect: Steaming
  • Style: Headphones Disengaged
Painted with Balaclavas Are Forever
Unusual Master's Yellow Belt
Level 55 Hat - Found in Crate
Only a master of Jarate earns the right to wear this once-white bandanna, stained yellow from the rigors of a harsh training regimen.
  • Effect: Kill-a-Watt
Painted with Balaclavas Are Forever