Project P
Items with reload time increased hidden attached
Grappling Hook
Level 1 Grappling Hook
Press and hold the Actionkey
to quickly fire a grapple line.

Optionally can be switched to by pressing slot6
and manually fired using primary attack.

Can only be used in Mannpower Mode or when enabled by the server.
  • This weapon holsters 80% faster
  • This weapon deploys 100% faster
The Shortstop
Level 1 Peppergun
Holds a 4-shot clip and reloads its entire clip at once.
Alt-Fire to reach and shove someone!

Mann Co.'s latest in high attitude
break-action personal defense.
  • When weapon is active:
  • Increase in push force taken from damage and airblast
The Beggar's Bazooka
Level 1-100 Rocket Launcher
  • Hold Fire to load up to three rockets
    Release Fire to unleash the barrage
  • -20% explosion radius
  • +3 degrees random projectile deviation
  • Overloading the chamber will cause a misfire
  • No ammo from dispensers when active