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Items with Projectile speed increased attached
The Manmelter
Level 30 Indivisible Particle Smasher
This weapon will reload automatically when not active.

Being a device that flouts conventional scientific consensus that the molecules composing the human body must be arranged "just so", and not, for example, across a square-mile radius.
  • +50% projectile speed
  • Does not require ammo
  • Alt-Fire: Extinguish teammates to gain guaranteed critical hits
  • Extinguishing teammates restores 20 health
  • No random critical hits
The Liberty Launcher
Level 25 Rocket Launcher
  • +25% clip size
  • +40% projectile speed
  • -25% blast damage from rocket jumps
  • -25% damage penalty
The Direct Hit
Level 1 Rocket Launcher
  • +25% damage bonus
  • +80% projectile speed
  • Mini-crits targets launched airborne by explosions, grapple hooks or rocket packs
  • -70% explosion radius
The Loose Cannon
Level 10 Grenade Launcher
Double Donk! Bomb explosions after a cannon ball impact will deal mini-crits to impact victims
  • Cannonballs have a fuse time of 1 second; fuses can be primed to explode earlier by holding down the fire key.
  • +20% projectile speed
  • Cannonballs push players back on impact
  • Cannonballs do not explode on impact
The Loch-n-Load
Level 10 Grenade Launcher
  • +25% projectile speed
  • +20% damage vs buildings
  • -25% clip size
  • -25% explosion radius
  • Launched bombs shatter on surfaces