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IDNameDescriptionHiddenValue TypeClass
1 socket 1 Yes percentage socket
2 socket 2 Yes percentage socket
3 socket 3 Yes percentage socket
4 socket 4 Yes percentage socket
5 socket 5 Yes percentage socket
9 gem type Yes gem type
10 gem not removable Yes gem not removable
11 required socket type Yes required socket type
13 gem name Yes gem name
14 gem quality Yes gem quality
15 tooltip event icon Effect: <additive> No additive tooltip event icon
16 is commodity Yes is commodity
17 not marketable This item cannot be listed on the Steam Community Market. No additive not marketable
18 ignore socket quality Yes ignore socket quality
21 static socket 1 Yes percentage socket
22 static socket 2 Yes percentage socket
23 static socket 3 Yes percentage socket
24 static socket 4 Yes percentage socket
25 static socket 5 Yes percentage socket
135 essence type Yes percentage essence_type
137 custom powershot This weapon has a custom Powershot animation. No additive custom_powershot
138 courier slots 1 Yes courier_slots_1
139 courier slots 2 Yes courier_slots_2
140 courier slots 3 Yes courier_slots_3
141 courier slots 4 Yes courier_slots_4
143 courier seed Yes courier_seed
144 item set anim This item unlocks custom animations when worn with other pieces of the set. No additive item_set_anim
145 item set anim bonus Custom Animation Set No additive item_set_anim_bonus
148 custom base attack fx This item modifies the hero's base attack effects. No additive custom_base_attack_fx
153 cannot trade Yes cannot_trade
154 black power Yes black_power
155 unusual power Yes unusual_power
156 red power Yes red_power
157 blue power Yes blue_power
158 yellow power Yes yellow_power
159 orange power Yes orange_power
160 green power Yes green_power
161 purple power Yes purple_power
162 skin index Yes skin index
164 alternate icon Yes alternate_icon
165 use animation modifier Yes use_animation_modifier
166 white power Yes white_power
184 tournament event date Date: <date> No date tournament_event_date
185 event date Date Received: <date> Yes date event_date
186 gifter account id \n Gift from: <account_id> Yes account_id gifter_account_id
187 set supply crate series Treasure Series #<additive> No additive supply_crate_series
188 treasure loot list Yes treasure loot list
189 elevate quality Yes set_elevated_quality
192 referenced item id low Yes referenced_item_id_low
193 referenced item id high Yes referenced_item_id_high
194 referenced item def Yes referenced_item_def
195 always tradable Yes always_tradable
198 collection bits Yes collection_bits
211 tradable after date Yes tradable_after_date
228 makers mark id Attrib_MakersMark Yes account_id makers_mark_id
229 unique craft index Yes unique_craft_index
290 completed collection id Yes completed_collection_id
291 collection reward id Yes collection_reward_id
296 ignore charge notification Yes ignore_charge_notification
311 unlimited quantity Unlimited Use No additive unlimited_quantity
312 tournament killer id Attrib_TournamentKillerID Yes account_id tournament_killer_id
313 tournament victim id Attrib_TournamentVictimID Yes account_id tournament_victim_id
315 tournament id Attrib_TournamentID Yes additive tournament_id
316 tournament game id Attrib_TournamentGameID Yes additive tournament_game_id
317 tournament event id Attrib_TournamentEventID Yes additive tournament_event_id
318 match id Match ID: <additive> Yes additive match_id
319 game time Event Time: <game_time> Yes game_time game_time
320 replay time Attrib_ReplayTime Yes game_time replay_time
321 international tag The International <additive> No additive international_tag
322 diretide tag Diretide <additive> No additive diretide_tag
323 diretide cycle Roshan Cycle <additive> No additive diretide_cycle
324 polycount tag Attrib_PolycountTag No additive polycount_tag
325 frostivus tag Frostivus <additive> No additive frostivus_tag
326 new bloom tag New Bloom <additive> No additive new_bloom_tag
342 locks remaining Yes locks_remaining
386 team ID Yes team_id
387 fanfare level Level: <additive> No additive fanfare_level
388 gamemode restricted Yes gamemode_restricted
389 league id Attrib_LeagueID Yes additive league id
390 premier league tag The Premier League Season <additive> No additive premier league tag
391 starladder league tag Star Series Season <additive> No additive starladder league tag
392 g-1 league tag G-1 League Season <additive> No additive g-1 league tag
393 league id 2 Attrib_LeagueID Yes additive league id 2
394 league id 3 Attrib_LeagueID Yes additive league id 3
396 event time Yes event_time
397 multi kill count Yes multi_kill_count
398 raidcall league tag RaidCall Season <additive> No additive raidcall league tag
399 defense league tag The Defense Season <additive> No additive defense league tag
400 unlocked styles Attrib_UnlockedStyles Yes additive unlocked styles
402 custom name attr Yes custom_name_attr
403 custom desc attr Yes custom_desc_attr
404 autograph attribute <additive> No additive autograph_attribute
405 international event drop attribute Granted for <additive> No additive international_event_drop_attribute
406 fantasy challenge tag The Compendium Fantasy Challenge <additive> No additive fantasy_challenge_tag
407 sithil stash Sithil's Summer Stash <additive> No additive sithil_stash
409 nexon sponsorship league tag Nexon Sponsorship League No additive nexon sponsorship league tag
410 netolic pro league tag Netolic Pro League <additive> No additive netolic pro league tag
411 purgatory expires after date Yes purgatory expires after date
415 cannot craft Yes cannot_craft
416 usage level requirement Yes usage_level_requirement
417 cannot delete Yes cannot_delete
418 expiration date This item will expire on <date>. Yes date expiration_date
419 hero statue Yes percentage hero_statue
1999 recipe name Yes recipe name
2000 recipe component 1 Yes percentage dynamic_recipe_component
2001 recipe component 2 Yes percentage dynamic_recipe_component
2002 recipe component 3 Yes percentage dynamic_recipe_component
2003 recipe component 4 Yes percentage dynamic_recipe_component
2004 recipe component 5 Yes percentage dynamic_recipe_component
2005 recipe component 6 Yes percentage dynamic_recipe_component
2006 recipe component 7 Yes percentage dynamic_recipe_component
2007 recipe component 8 Yes percentage dynamic_recipe_component
2008 recipe component 9 Yes percentage dynamic_recipe_component
2009 recipe component 10 Yes percentage dynamic_recipe_component